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Plant & Unit City ST Country Owner Process Typical
Start Date
Notes Submit
Anacortes   Anacortes WA USA Shell Refinery 145,000 BPD 31 60 No Data   change
Angus Chemical AL Sterlington LA USA Dow Chemical Chemicals 9   No Data   change
Ardmore   Ardmore OK USA Valero Refinery 90,000 BPD 18 60 No Data   change
Artesia   Artesia NM USA Holly via Navajo Refinery 75,000 BPD 30 12 No Data   change
Aventine   Pekin IL USA Aventine Ethanol plant   12-18 No Data   change
Bakersfield   Bakersfield CA USA Big West Oil Refinery 66,000 BPD 30 10 No Data   change
Baton Rouge   Baton Rouge LA USA ExxonMobil Refinery 494,000 BPD 30-60 72-84 No Data FCC - 10 Weeks
LEU - 8 Weeks
SRU/SWS - 5 Weeks
ICN/SHU - 5 Weeks
Diesel Hydrotreater - 4 Weeks
Bayer Chemical Plant   Baytown Texas United States Bayer Chem 120 days 4 No Data plant wide turnaround change
Baytown   Baytown TX USA ExxonMobil Refinery 557,000 BPD     No Data   change
Bayway   Linden NJ USA ConocoPhillips Refinery 278,000 BPD 45 days   10/04/16   change
Beaumont   Beaumont TX USA ExxonMobil Refinery 348,000 BPD 60-90 48 04/11/16   change
Belle Chasse   Belle Chasse LA USA Phillips 66 Refinery 250,000 BPD 52   No Data   change
Benicia   Benicia CA USA Valero Refinery 144,000 BPD 65   No Data   change
Big Spring   Big Spring TX USA Alon Refinery 61,000 BPD     No Data   change
Billings   Billings MT USA ConocoPhillips Refinery 60,000 BPD     No Data   change
Bloomfield   Bloomfield NM USA Western Refining Refinery 16,800 BPD 180   No Data   change
Borger   Borger TX USA ChevronPhillips Chemical Refinery 5 12 No Data Turnaround in the Quench Unit. Another outage scheduled for October 2014 change
Bowline 2 West Haverstraw NY USA Mirant 570     No Data   change
Bradford   Bradford PA USA American Refinery 10,000 BPD     No Data   change
Calvert City   Calvert City Kentucky USA Westlake Chemical ethylene 45   No Data   change
Canton   Canton OH USA Marathon Refinery 73,000 BPD 45   05/15/18   change
Carson   Carson CA USA Tesoro Refinery 260,000 BPD 48   No Data   change
Casper     WY USA Sinclair Refinery     No Data   change
Catlettsburg   Catlettsburg KY USA Marathon Refinery 222,000 BPD     No Data   change
Centralia Power Plant   Centralia WA USA Trans-Alta 1,340MW coal-fired 35 24 No Data   change
Chalmette   Chalmette LA USA PBF Energy Refinery 183,000 BPD 35 12 No Data Cat,Alky change
Cherry Point   Blaine WA USA BP Refinery 225,000 BPD 30   No Data   change
Cheyenne   Cheyenne WY USA Frontier Oil Refinery 46,000 BPD 28   No Data Major T/A's in Cheyenne, live the legend change
Cheyenne 36 Cheyenne WY USA Frontier Oil Coker 22 60 No Data   change
Clinch River   Carbo VA USA AEP 700MW coal-fired     No Data   change
Coffeyville   Coffeyville KS USA CVR Energy Refinery 112,000 BPD 30   No Data   change
Commerce City   Commerce City CO USA Suncor Energy Refinery 60,000 BPD 38   03/15/16   change
Conemaugh Generating Station   West Wheatfield Township PA USA GenOn Energy, Inc. 1,711 MW   24 months No Data New SCR units and 24 month outage with 18 months new project. change
Convent   Convent LA USA Motiva Enterprises Refinery 255,000 BPD     No Data   change
Corpus Christi   Corpus Christi TX USA Flint Hills Refinery 288,000 BPD 21   No Data   change
Cotton Valley   Cotton Valley LA USA Calumet Lub Refinery 13,000 BPD 21-35 Days 60 No Data Plant Wide Shutdown change
CPChem   Borger Texas USA Chevron/Phillips PPS 15-30   No Data Ryton TA in Oct. CPU TA Oct.-Nov. change
Crystal River 1 Crystal River FL USA Progress Energy Coal 30 24 No Data   change
Deer Park   Deer Park TX USA Shell Refinery 333,700 BPD     No Data   change
Detroit 1 Detroit MI USA Marathon Refinery 74,000 BPD 80 2 No Data   change
Dow Chemicals   Freeport TX USA Dow Chemical 45 24 No Data T/A in TDI unit, used to urathanes. Phosgene unit, most work under fresh air. change
Duck Creek 1 Canton IL USA Ameren coal 65 12 No Data   change
Eagle Point   Westville NJ USA Sunoco Refinery 145,000 BPD     No Data Closed permanantly change
Eagle Springs   Eagle Springs NV USA Foreland Refinery 1,700 BPD     No Data   change
Edwards Station 2 Bartonville IL USA Ameren/Cilco Coal 58   No Data   change
El Dorado   El Dorado KS USA Frontier Oil Refinery 110,000 BPD     No Data   change
El Paso   El Paso TX USA Western Refinery 107,000 BPD 30 36 No Data   change
El Segundo   El Segundo CA USA Chevron Refinery 260,000 BPD 30   No Data 2 crude TA change
Evanston   Evanston WY USA Little America Refinery 24,500 BPD     No Data   change
Evanston   Evanston WY USA Silver Eagle Refinery 3,000 BPD     No Data   change
FCCU (Richmond)   Richmond CA USA Chevron Oil Refinery 242,901 BPD 66   No Data FCCU, ALKY change
Ferndale   Ferndale WA USA ConocoPhillips Refinery 105,000 BPD     No Data   change
Gallup   Gallup NM USA Western Refining Refinery 26,000 BPD     No Data   change
Garyville   Garyville LA USA Marathon 436,000     No Data   change
Gavin Plant 1 Gallopolis OH USA AEP Fossil   4 No Data   change
Geismar   Geismar Louisiana USA Williams Olefins Ethylene Production     No Data restart expected in June 2014 change
Golden Eagle   Martinez CA USA shell Refinery 166,000 BPD 45   No Data   change
Great Falls   Great Falls MT USA Holly via MT Refinery 8,200 BPD     No Data   change
Havana 1 Havana IL USA Dynegy coal fired 45   No Data   change
Havana 6 Havana IL USA Dynegy coal fired 80   No Data baghouse tie in w/tube work change
Hawaii   Honolulu HI USA Chevron Refinery 54,000 BPD     No Data   change
Hennipen Station 2 Hennepin IL USA Dynegy coal-fired boiler   2 years No Data   change
Hess Port Reading   Port Reading NJ USA Amerada Hess Refinery 40 60 No Data Closed
Homer City 1 Homer City PA USA Midwest Generation 660 MW coal 18 weeks   No Data 40 million dollar renovation change
Houston   Houston TX USA Lyondell-Citgo Refinery 270,200 BPD 45   No Data   change
INEOS   Port Lavaca LA USA INEOS Chemical 28 60 No Data   change
Jeffrey Energy Center   St. Mary's KS USA Westar Power coal 70   No Data   change
Joliet   Joliet IL USA ExxonMobil Refinery 238,000 BPD 56 12 No Data   change
Kapolei   Ewa Beach HI USA Tesoro Refinery 93,500 BPD     No Data   change
Kenai   Kenai AK USA Tesoro Refinery 72,000 BPD     No Data   change
Krotz Springs   Krotz Springs LA USA Alon USA Energy, Inc. Refinery 85,000 BPD 30-60 36-48 No Data   change
Kuparuk   Kuparuk AK USA Conoco Phillips Refinery 14,400 BPD     No Data   change
La Porte   La Porte TX US Lyondell/Equistar Chemical 45 36 No Data change
Lake Charles   Lake Charles Louisiana USA Westlake Chemical ethylene 45   No Data T/A and Expansion, start early 2015 change
Laurel   Laurel MT USA Cenex Refinery 55,000 BPD     No Data   change
Lemont   Lemont IL USA CITGO Refinery 160,000 BPD 15 12 No Data FCC, ALKY, LSD, Coker change
Lima   Lima OH USA Husky Refinery 158,400 BPD 90 12 05/09/16 fcc/Coker outage change
Long Beach   Long Beach CA USA Edgington Oil Refinery 26,000 BPD     03/01/16   change
Lovington   Lovington NM USA Holly Corp. Refinery     No Data   change
Lumberton   Lumberton MS USA Hunt Southland Refinery 5,800 BPD     No Data   change
Lyondell Channelview   Channelview TX USA Equistar PO/SM / MTBE/ POLYOLS 45 84 No Data   change
Mandan   Mandan ND USA Tesoro Refinery 58,000 BPD     No Data   change
Marcus Hook   Marcus Hook PA USA Sunoco Refinery 175,000 BPD     No Data conversion to natural gas refinery start date uncertain change
Martinez   Martinez CA USA Shell Refinery 154,900 BPD     No Data   change
McKee   Sunray TX USA Valero Refinery 158,300 BPD     No Data   change
McPherson   McPherson KS USA NCRA Refinery 81,200 BPD 30   No Data 60 day turnaround change
Memphis   Memphis TN USA Valero Refinery 180,000 BPD 21   No Data   change
Meraux   Meraux LA USA Valero Refinery 125,000 BPD     No Data   change
Monroe Detroit Edison 4 Monroe MI USA Detroit Edison Coal Burner 35 3 No Data   change
Mount Vernon   Mount Vernos IN USA Countrymark Refinery 23,000 BPD     No Data   change
Naheola Mill   Pennington AL USA Georgia Pacific Pulp/Paper and Power/Recovery Boiler 22 18 No Data   change
Newcastle   Newcastle WY USA Wyoming Refinery 12,500 BPD     No Data   change
Newell   Newell WV USA Ergon Refinery 190,400 BPD 60   No Data   change
Nexen Inc   Fort McMurray AB Canada Nexen Inc (CNOOC ) Oil Sands (Steam-Assisted Gravity Drainage) 30 5 years No Data   change
Norco   Norco LA USA Motiva Enterprises Refinery 242,000 BPD 45 60 No Data   change
North Pole   North Pole AK USA Flint Hills Res. Refinery 210,000 BPD     No Data   change
North Pole   North Pole AK USA Petro Star Refinery 17,000 BPD     No Data   change
North Salt Lake   North Salt Lake UT USA Big West Oil Refinery 24,400 BPD     No Data   change
Northeast Biofuels 1 Fulton NY USA Northeast Biofuels Ethanol Plant     No Data   change
Old Crown now known as PRSI   Pasadena TX USA     90 36 No Data   change
Opti Canada Inc   Fort McMurray AB Canada Opti Canada Inc Oil SAGD     No Data Plant currently being built, start up in 2010
Orange   Orange TX USA DuPont ethylene 30   No Data   change
Oregon   Oregon OH United States BP/Husky Refinery 155,000 BPD 65   05/14/16 65 days oil out to oil in change
Oxnard   Oxnard CA USA Tenby Inc. Refinery 2,800 BPD     No Data   change
OxyVinyls   Deer Park TX USA OxyVinyls Chemical 55 3 No Data   change
Paramount   Paramount CA USA Paramount Petro Refinery 50,000 BPD     No Data   change
Pasadena   Pasadena TX USA Crown Refinery 100,000 BPD     No Data   change
Pasadena   Pasadena TX USA Crown Refinery 100,000 BPD     No Data   change
Pascagoula   Pascagoula MS USA Chevron Refinery 325,000 BPD various various No Data   change
Paulsboro   Paulsboro NJ USA PBF Refinery 160,000 BPD     No Data   change
Perth Amboy   Perth Amboy NJ USA Chevron Refinery 80,000 BPD     No Data   change
Philadelphia   Philadelphia PA USA Sunoco Refinery 335,000 BPD 90   No Data FCCU , Crude change
Pine Bend   Rosemount MN USA Flint Hills Res Refinery 265,000 BPD     No Data   change
Ponca City   Ponca City OK USA Conoco Phillips Refinery 194,000 BPD 30 12 No Data   change
Port Allen   Port Allen LA USA Placid Refinery 48,500 BPD     No Data   change
Port Arthur   Port Arthur TX USA Motiva Refinery 600,000 BPD 42   09/06/16   change
Port Reading   Port Reading NJ USA Hess Refinery 0 BPD     No Data Closed permanently change
Powerton Station   Pekin IL USA Midwest Generation coal-fired boiler 90   No Data   change
Powerton station 5 Pekin IL USA MIDWEST GENERATION coal-fired boiler 70   No Data   change
PPL Montana 4 Colstip MT USA PPL STEAM 45 3 No Data   change
Princeton   Princeton LA USA Calumet Lub Refinery 8,300 BPD     No Data   change
Prudhoe Bay   Prudhoe Bay AK USA BP Refinery 12,500 BPD     No Data   change
Queens 1 Astoria NY USA Steinway & Sons cogen gas     No Data   change
Rodeo   Rodeo CA USA Conoco Phillips Refinery 73,200 BPD     No Data   change
Rogerslacy   Sandersville MS USA Hunt Southland Refinery 11,000 BPD     No Data   change
Salt Lake City   Salt Lake City UT   Tesoro Refinery 58,000 BPD 60 36-60 No Data   change
San Antonio   San Antonio TX USA Age Refinery 10,300 BPD     No Data   change
Santa Maria   Santa Maria CA USA Conoco Phillips Refinery 41,800 BPD     No Data   change
Santa Maria   Santa Maria CA USA Greka Energy Refinery 9,500 BPD     No Data   change
Saraland   Saraland AL USA Shell Refinery 80,000 BPD     No Data   change
Savannah Asp   Savannah GA USA Citgo Refinery 28,000 BPD     No Data   change
Seward   Seward PA USA Reliant coal fired boilers 98   No Data routine maintenance 14 week outage change
Shell Oil   Wilmington Ca USA Tesoro Oil 30 12 No Data HTU-3 and CRU-2 T/A change
Shell Scotford   Fort Saskatchewan AB Canada Shell Upgrader / Refinery / Chem Plant 45 36 No Data Heavy Oils Unit change
Sherco 1 Becker MN USA Xcel coal fired boiler 40 36 months No Data   change
Sherco 2 Becker MN USA Xcel coal 40 12 No Data   change
Sherco 3 Becker MN USA Xcel coal 40 12 No Data Unit 3 turbine damaged and is not running. No time line for when this unit will be up and running again change
Shreveport   Shreveport LA USA Calumet Lub Refinery 35,000 BPD     No Data   change
Sinclair   Sinclair WY USA Sinclair Refinery 66,000 BPD 60 60 No Data ALKY/FCCU change
Smackover   Smackover AR USA Cross Oil Refinery 6,800 BPD     No Data   change
Somerset   Somerset KY USA Somerset Refinery 5,500 BPD     No Data   change
South Gate   South Gate CA USA Lunday Thagard Refinery 8,500 BPD     No Data   change
St. Charles   Norco LA USA Valero Refinery 260,000 BPD 21   No Data Cat Turnaround change
St. Paul Park   St. Paul Park MN USA Marathon Refinery 70,000 BPD     No Data   change
Sun Oil Girard Point 12 South Philadelphia PA USA Sunoco Cat Cracker FCC 45 60 No Data   change
Superior   Superior WI USA Calumet Refinery 33,000 BPD     No Data   change
Sweeny   Sweeny TX USA ConocoPhillips Refinery 229,000 BPD 21   No Data   change
Syncrude 21 Fort McMurray Et Al AB Canada Joint Venture Owners oil/gas new plant on going on going No Data   change
Tacoma   Tacoma WA USA US Oil Refinery 35,000 BPD     No Data   change
Texas City   Texas City TX USA Marathon Refinery 437,000 BPD 90   No Data   change
Three Rivers   Three Rivers TX USA Valero Refinery 90,000 BPD 145 200 No Data   change
Toledo   Toledo OH USA Toledo Refining Refinery 160,000 BPD     No Data Reactor change out total plant turnaround change
Torrance   Torrance CA USA ExxonMobil Refinery 149,000 BPD 90 3 No Data Fcc, alky, Coker, unsat gas, flare line change
Trainer   Trainer PA USA Monroe Energy LLC Refinery 185,000 BPD     No Data   change
Trigeant   Mobile AL USA Mobile Refinery 16,700 BPD     No Data   change
Tulsa   Tulsa OK USA Hollt Frontier WEST Refinery 83,200 BPD     No Data   change
Tulsa East Refinery   Tulsa OK USA HollyFrontier Corporation Refinery 83,200 BPD     No Data   change
Tuscaloosa   Tuscaloosa AL USA Hunt Refinery 54,0000 BPD     No Data   change
Tyler   Tyler TX USA Delek Refinery 55,000 BPD     No Data   change
Valdez   Valdez AK USA Petro Star Refinery 50000 BPD     No Data   change
Valero McKee Refinery   Sunray TX USA Valero Refinery 30   No Data   change
Vermillion Station 2 Oakwood IL USA Dynegy Coal-fired 120   No Data   change
Vicksburg   Vicksburg MS USA Ergon Refinery 23,000 BPD     No Data   change
Warren   Warren PA USA United Refinery 65,000 BPD     No Data   change
Westlake   Westlake LA USA ConocoPhillips Refinery 247,000 BPD     No Data   change
Whiting   Whiting IN USA BP Refinery 410,000 BPD 65   03/01/16   change
Wilmington   Wilmington CA USA Conoco Phillips Refinery 133,100 BPD 25-30 36-48 No Data   change
Wilmington Asp   Wilmington CA USA Valero Refinery 5,900 BPD     No Data   change
Wood River   Roxana IL USA ConocoPhillips Refinery 306,000 BPD     No Data   change
Woods Cross   Woods Cross UT USA Silver Eagle Refinery 10,200 BPD     No Data   change
Wynnwood   Wynnewood OK USA Wynnewood Refinery 52,500 BPD 80   No Data   change
Yorktown   Yorktown VA USA Western refinery Refinery 58,600 BPD     No Data   change

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